Conceptualised by British designer Phil Pauley who is known for pushing boundaries in design - GQ Magazine

This is straight out of a sci-fi movie and gives us a glimpse of what is surely to be the future of human transport - Top Speed

Phil Pauley is a beautiful designer - Discovery News

I am sure you will get immediately why I liken Phil Pauley to Leonardo Da Vinci - Angel News

The new Tablet Book by Phil Pauley is THE step forward in personal computing - Trend Hunter

London designer Phil Pauley is a modern day Jules Verne - The Chicago Atheaneum

Marine Solar Cells could change the course of renewable energy - Wired

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"My mantra derives from a belief that life is an extraordinarily rare thing - so rare, in fact, that out of the thousands of exo-planets we’ve found, not a single one of them could host our planets unique biodiversity."